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  Acid Reflux Diet

The most challenging part of suffering from acid reflux is definitely figuring out what to eat. There are numerous mixed messages one can get through reading the various magazines, books and blogs. Seems that many of the writers do not suffer from reflux themselves and change their opinion accordingly to every new study that comes out of the scientfic community. 

My main problem with those is that they, for the most part, also contradict each other. One they they say something is good for you and the next day it is bad. It mostly boils down to who funds the actual research but for us, people who want answers, following these is not the way to go. 

I see my role, as I have the ability and medium to help, is to weed out through all of the garbage and after testing the particular food items& diets on my own body as well as on some of my friends who also experience reflux, for a period of a couple weeks (plus do the additional research where neccessary), recommend only the best. Since some of the things seem too dangerous to even try, and I have seen quite a few of these in a couple of books, those I will skip altogether or explain why I would avoid trying them. 

After trying a lot of different supplements, ways of eating and doing the elimination, alkaline as well as other numerous diets out there I have came to a simple conclusion. The things that cause the least symptoms are the exact foods that we should be eating to stay healthy in the first place. It comes as no suprsise then that a lot of the bad foods (we all know what they are) create the most suffering.  

Although a great diet is improtant, try to see the entire picture. Sleeping well, reducing stress and staying active will all help tremendously as well.

As my own understanding of the reflux diet evolves, this section will be evolving along with it. I want to refrain from simply listing the foods and leaving you with that. Although I understand a need for such list and will create one so that you have a quick guideline whenever you need to pull it out, a list of foods doesn't help a person get through the day. Also, eating bland foods for the rest of one's life is no fun and we all should strive to attempt to have at least a small amount of fun (without taking medication after every meal, aseven the OTC kind comes with side effects). 

So that you can get the best out of the information presented, it is very important that you know whether you acid reflux symptoms are caused by too much or not enough acidity. They are both bad and each needs different actions taken toward relieving the problems associated with it. 

Good luck on your recovery! 


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