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  Lets Talk About Your Eating Habits and Acid Reflux




One of the common health problems that people are suffering today is acid reflux. It is a condition when acid from the stomach flows back into the esophagus due to a weak lower esophageal sphincter. Almost all types of people suffer from this condition and it is not always easy to manage if the case is too severe.  

Acid reflux doesn’t just happen because your stomach feels like it. Truth is, there are several factors that we unconsciously do that triggers acid reflux. Most of the time, these things are not that important like chewing our food properly or how fast we eat. Little did we know that these habits are the main contributors as to why acid reflux occurs. 

People with acid reflux usually think that GERD happens because they have too much acid in the stomach. Truth is, this is not always the case. There are many factors that trigger acid reflux from happening and not only because you have too much acid in the stomach. 

In this video, nutritionist Charlotte Skiles talks about some of the causes as to why acid reflux occur and the ways that you can do to reduce the increasing levels of acid in your stomach. She also explains how important it is to eat food properly and taking time to eat food order to avoid acid reflux. By knowing what triggers your acid reflux will also help you avoid what to eat in order to prevent these refluxes from happening. It is also important to include vegetables with healing properties in your food plan to help reduce your acid reflux. This video will help you understand how important it is to identify these things in order to minimize this condition from happening. By knowing what to include and avoid in your health plan will be a good way to reducing acid reflux in your body. 

Acid reflux is not always easy to manage, especially if you have a severe case but while your acid reflux is still curable it is best to know what things you can avoid in order to prevent further complications.