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My heartburn caused acid reflux symptoms are ruining my life!


Does this sound like anything that you or someone you know can relate to? The reason I have created this page is because I have felt the exact same myself for a long time. Your friends and family think that it is a mental thing, and you do not understand why your health is getting so bad. The pain comes and goes but is usually located around the abdomen, stomach, chest, throat and is becoming chronic. The ear infections tend to happen more often, your voice crackles or completely disappears, stomach is gassy, morning bad breath, severe indigestion after meals, throat hurts when swallowing, bouts of dry cough keep you up at night and your life is slowly becoming a nightmare.

Even though these common acid reflux symptoms occur, it is not easy to diagnose them as individually they could be part of almost any disease. I know this because I have looked at many medical books and on the web myself and truly feel your pain and annoyance. There is so much misinformation on the web and it is really hard to find what you need. If only the sites explained why this is happening, and what to do about it without always sounding too technical or trying to sell you something.

After much research I have realized that millions of others are dealing with    heartburn ,gastroesophageal reflux disease (gerd), and acid reflux and all of their symptoms. These people just like me want the information to be relevant, helpful and in one place. This is why I have created this page and have a team of heartburn sufferers helping out bring the information to everybody out there dealing with acid reflux symptoms.

You can go to our heartburn symptoms section to learn about what is acid reflux
, and also what it feels like. We have listed causes of heartburn and how acid indigestion and stomach acid behaves. Instead of only presenting proton pumpsand other hard prescription medicines with all of their drugs side effects, there are also home remedies and natural cures for acid reflux such as apple cider vinegar which has helped thousands of sufferers. A lot can be cured with simple lifestyle modifications and a healthy diet plan. Often a reflux attack comes after having a big meal or eating to late in the nighttime.

Infants and children also tend to suffer from acid reflux (gerd) symptoms and they have to be cared for extra well. Many times these conditions can be maintained well when treated early as they do not have a chance to cause to much damage to the lining of the esophagus. Infant acid is an especially worrisome medical condition and that is why an entire sections is dedicated to it.

Once people learn that most of the gerd symptoms happen during night time in their bed and because of food they go on a mission to search for what foods to eat with acid reflux and what foods to avoid with acid reflux. This becomes very tough as for every question, there seem to be thousands of answers. Many books, alternative doctors, physicians and other specialists all try to help us while shoving their own products, treatments and services down our throats. Thankfully to a very painful heartburn symptom we can now regurgitate those very quickly.

This has been an extreme challenge for me as I have tried tons of alternative medicines, herbs, supplements, prescription drugs, diets and doubt it is easier for anybody else. The hardest part of living with heartburn is the idea of eating and what a healthy diet consists of. For those that are having a hard time with ideas for specific meals there is a recipes and diets section available. Many of the ones that I have found around the web or in books are tasteless and thus not used more than once. Everything included in here is personally tasted and given a rating.

There is a product section with unbiased reviews as these are things that I have bought and used myself. The only sponsors that I allow on this page are ones that do not try and change my mind about any product that I am writing about. These help me fund the page a bit and can give you additional information on the specific items that they are offering. The one thing I have learned in life is that there is no such thing as too much information. Since it doesn't cost you anything you should look at the items that interest you as the manufacturers tend to have more details and suggestions on their own products.

It is very important to correct your lifestyle once you have been diagnosed with heartburn. This condition when left untreated can lead to ulcers, severe  acid laryngitis, digestive disorders, chronic sore throat, chronic cough and respiratory problems. It starts with no more than a slight abdominal pain or burning sensations but since  reflux     is a silent disease it is especially dangerous.

If you have any questions, concerns or advice please contact me:

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