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  Acid Reflux Symptoms in Women

Acid reflux symptoms, otherwise known as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) or heartburn are a common condition which affects women of all ages. The illness is caused by acidity within the stomach, and its contents being pushed up into the esophagus (throat) of the suffering individual.

 These can cause inflammation as well as pain and could potentially develop into a more serious problem if left untreated. The acid causes damage to the lining of the esophagus as this part of the body is very sensitive, and not used to being in contact with acidic contents.

This condition does not have a cure for it, and the only way to control it is by lifestyle, dietary changes as well as medications.

acid reflux symptoms in womenAlthough it is considered a chronic illness, some patients do not have many symptoms if they follow a healthier life style. There are medicines which you can buy over the counter as well as ones that only a doctor can prescribe. These work on on either counter acting the acidity of stopping acid production within the stomach.

Both genders have similar conditions, but women do have a greater risk to develop reflux, especially during pregnancy as there is additional pressure onto the abdomen.


Although some people confuseheartburn withacid reflux, this is really a side effect or a symptom of reflux. When the contents of the stomach move into theesophagus and wreck havoc on the way, many of the nerves in the chest area are affected. This could come about as a burning sensation or a sharp,severe pain in themiddle of the chest,abdomen orneck. Even though itfeels like a heart attack, this is the most likely explanation for suchsymptoms.

Throat Problems

Chronic sore throat is a verycommon symptoms as well.Reflux  is often called anight disease as the person ismost vulnerable when sleeping and laying down on the bed. In this posture, gravity is not on our side and the acid has an easier way of moving around. Many women never realize that they even have theillness until they are diagnosed with it by amedical practitioner. Some other symptoms that have to do with the throat could beacid laryngitis, trouble swallowing, sleeping disorders as well asvoice change or loss.


Many women experience the feeling ofqueasiness ornausea as one of the symptoms. This could come without ever feelingheartburn and still be due to the same disease.Reflux is still not completely understood, and as the data comes in we are beginning to really get a grasp on this disease.


If you are living with bouts ofchronic cough this could be a symptom as well. This is due to the throat irritation by the acid and will continue even without having a cold or flu.


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