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Sour Taste in the Back of Your Throat, You Might Be Suffering From Acidity

Acidity is most often known as a cause of acid reflux, heartburn or GERD problems. It is the level of the stomach acidity in the stomach which causes the greatest amount of problems. Some foods, as well as wine and alcohol raise the concentration of the hydrochloric acid which resides in the stomach. When the contents of the stomach make their way up in the esophagus it is then that most of the symptoms arise. This particular component separates the stomach acid from the throat and mouth as it can burn along with causing greater problems in the long run.

A human body is greatly influenced by ph levels of acids and bases in the stomach acid as well as overall acidity problems. For those suffering with gastric acid it is very important to find some relief from acidity and get rid of these acid problems. There are some home remedies for acidity and it is also important to remember that when dissolved in water its concentration becomes less harmful. For the person suffering from acidity the knowledge of acids and bases is priceless as this type of condition can create chaos and make them virtually dysfunctional.

The main causes of acidity problems.

stomach acidThe most common cause of these type of problems are the eating habits of the sufferer. Many types of foods which are rich in fats such as chips or chocolates greatly enhance the acidity problem.

Overindulgence in alcohol, coffee, junk foods, smoking habits as well as skipping meals is also very dangerous. The reason that physicians recommend eating small meals 5 to 6 times a day is so that the stomach is never overfull or empty. This also creates a balance which helps neutralize the acid along improving the functioning of the gastric tract and digestion. If you are prone to skip breakfast, think twice as no medicine will help as much as getting the day started off right.

Mental causes of heartburn.

Some mental problems such as stress, anxiety or depression also raise the levels of the acidity in the body. These type of issues decrease the ability of the immune system and the digestive tract to do their job. Feeling a burning sensation in the chest area, throat or stomach can make a person feel that they are going through some horrible health problems and actually fuel this destructive cycle.

Some meals are better than others; ionization of the stomach acid.

In order to control acidity it is important to follow some general guidelines.

Reduce the intake of fat, fried and junk foods.

Stay away from alcohol, caffeine and chocolates. A small piece of dark chocolate in the morning might be okay but it will depend on your condition.

Avoid consuming garlic, onions, spicy foods and certain citrus fruits. There are some signs that lemon and lime is small amounts help to lower the ph levels in the body even though they are acidic. Test them on yourself to see whether that is true in your case.

Eat smaller meals, do not eat close to bed time and follow a balanced diet.

Dairy products as well as meats are hard to digest and should be avoided before going to bed.

Not all heartburn is created equal.

There are certain home remedies for acidity available but it is important to understand that some might work better than other in your particular case. Stomach acid is measured by its ph levels and depending on whether yours is higher or lower things need to be looked at differently.

Much of the argument which is seen on the web is that one things works for a person but not the other. Also when it comes to dairy, citrus, bananas and apple vinegar it might not always make sense to you why something that seams acidic is helping. The main reason for this confusion is that heartburn symptoms can be caused by overproduction of the acid as well as not enough acid being produced.

Although the condition differs, most of the people suffering from acidity both have similar symptoms. The only way to know exactly what is happening in your body is by getting tested. The other way to make this diagnosis yourself is by seeing what types of things help you get better. It will take some trial and error but the only way to control acidity is through education. Popping an antacid might help for a while but ignoring the problem and cause of it for a prolong period of time is a recipe for disaster which includes cancer and ulcers.