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  How Much Weight Can You Lose in an Alkaline Acid Diet in a Monthly time span?

The alkaline diet, aside from promoting the body’s health and wellness and solving a number of illnesses and preventing diseases also promotes faster metabolism and digestion while providing energy. It also helps melt fat and gets the muscles toned.  



alkaline diet and losing weightThe elimination of excess acids by way of such diet may result in a dramatic weight loss. However, each body’s reaction to the changes vary from person to person and weight loss is commonly not experienced during the first month. When the body’s pH levels are not in balance, the metabolism is as well skewed. 


The consumption of meats such as chicken, pork and beef should be kept minimal as these promote acids to digest making the body more acidic. Sugar laden food and drinks should be avoided as well. Instead, the diet should mostly consist of vegetables and fruits. It is also believed that diet drinks with artificial sweeteners can be more acidifying than their regular counterparts. White carbohydrates also have similar effects on the pH level of the body, carbohydrates when broken down into simpler substances through digestion become sugar and sugars also have an acidifying effect on the body. 


To go on a strict alkaline diet, hydrating with water, drinking grass and herb powders and fresh vegetable juices will help the body balance the pH levels faster.  

As with most diets, the alkaline diet also suggests exercise.  


Cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage, spinach are some of the alkaline vegetables.  

Snacking on raw vegetables such as carrots and cucumber with guacamole instead of fried potato chips and other fast food is a good alternative. 

Instead of eating processed food or white rice, bread or pasta, to snack on salads would be ideal to comply with this diet. Brown rice, buckwheat, barley and millet on the other hand are more ideal alternates for white carbohydrates as these are high alkaline grains. 


Adding a squeeze of citric juices such as lemon, lime or grapefruit to regular water also helps with the body’s alkaline levels as these promote less acidity to the body contrary to how they taste. Milk and sugar may not be acidic in taste but these, when digested, promote acidity. 


The ideal consumption of food should consist of 80% alkaline food and only 20% acidic food. 


By incorporating more of the good type of food into the body, weight loss may be attained easier. Not only does this diet promote weight loss, it also promotes the long-term beneficial effect of optimum health. Unlike most diets it does not dictate calorie restriction, but rather a balance of nutrients and the majority of food consumption to help the body work better, the metabolism digest faster, and bring the body’s pH levels to a healthy balance. It helps build healthy muscles, bones, hair, nails and skin while losing fat and feeling great. 


Any dietary shift should be done gradually to be able to stick to the new diet long-term. Trying out the types of food highly suggested in the diet will help to discover the ones you prefer instead of eliminating meats, white bread and pasta, sodas, junk food and sugary treats cold turkey. This way, you will get to discover and experiment which ones among the healthier options you enjoy so it will become a natural habit. 


However dramatic the change in diet towards more alkaline food, the body takes time to adjust and weight loss is not an instant reward. 


Weight loss will probably not be experienced during the first month but the dramatic effect on the body’s energy level and a more positive mood will be a sign and motivation to keep on the diet. Pounds are commonly shed off on the second or third month after shifting to a healthier diet. The body’s metabolism and digestion will work much faster. After cutting sugar and processed food from the diet, there may also be a decrease in the calorie intake therefore resulting in weight loss.  


The dramatic weight loss through the alkaline diet in short periods are usually through very dramatic changes in the diet as well. There are some who lose 10kg in 2 weeks but their diets are strictly monitored and are usually on special programs. To be able to support the diet for long-term, patience and persistence is essential. This will not only reward you with the desired weight loss but also a healthy body.