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  Doctor Speaks About Eating Habits  

Are you tired of constantly dealing with your acid reflux? While other people enjoy the food they are eating, you stay in the corner and deal with your rising acid. If you are then know that you are not alone in the boat. Truth is, millions of people are suffering from this condition and what you are experiencing is also experienced by many people.  


Of course, it would be nice to eat all the food you like but when acid reflux occurs, it is one ugly situation. As much as you want to avoid these foods, there are still instances when you are going to eat something that can trigger this condition. 

In this video, an acid reflux sufferer by the name of Bob from Denver, Colorado asked a question regarding his condition. Bob wants to know if his condition has something to do with the time he eats his meal. Dr. David Rubin, M.D. a gastroenterologist from the University of Chicago Medical Center replies to his question. 

This video will explain what causes reflux during night time and how it affects the body. Dr. Rubin will also explain the main cause of this disease to those people who tend to eat late at night or to those people who like to eat before going to bed. He will also explain what one should do in case acid reflux does happen at night.  

If these tips cannot resolve the issue you have with your condition, always seek medical attention. By doing so, you will be diagnosed properly and will be given the right prescription for your reflux. 

Suffering from acid reflux is not an easy situation. Experiencing acid rise up to your chest and through your throat is probably one of the most painful conditions anyone could have. But if you know what food to avoid, what time you should eat as well as the dos and don’ts of acid reflux then you can surely avoid getting into such uncomfortable situation.

There are many ways to resolve this. Science has come up with a new solution for this disease almost every day. All you need to do is follow through.