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  Friendly Foods For Heartburn


It is a fact that millions of people are suffering from acid reflux these days and those who are experiencing them can’t avoid heartburn from occurring. Doctors have advised their patients to avoid certain foods like chocolate, tomato based products, mint and spicy foods to be avoided however there are also food that you can eat and will not trigger this heartburn.

In this video, Dr. Frank McGeorge is back to talk about the different types of food that you can eat in order to avoid heartburn or acid reflux symptoms from occurring. He will explain to you how different types of food can affect your diet as well as your condition. By taking notes on what kind of foods to eat and to avoid, you will be able to have an acid reflux free body while enjoying the food that you eat.

The way you cook your food can also contribute to your reflux. Here, Dr. McGeorge will teach you the different cooking techniques you can use in order to prepare your food and keep in heartburn friendly. He will also teach you the different alternatives you can use for cooking like using extra virgin olive oil or apple cider vinegar when preparing your dish. This way lesser fats are included in your food which can help in minimizing acid reflux attacks. Spices which are dried are also effective to use rather than using raw spices when cooking. This video will also teach you the importance of these spices and how you can use them to avoid heartburn.

If you like to eat bread and other types of pastries, then it is best that you make your own. This way you can monitor the amount of fat used in these breads as well as the other ingredients used. By doing so, you are able to see what kind of bread you are eating. In case you don’t like to bake then eating whole wheat bread is also a good idea. But if you like to bake, you can search for simple recipes in making whole wheat bread. This way you can enjoy healthy foods that will not trigger your heartburn. Here is the video.