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  What Foods Help Reduce Acid Reflux?

Acid reflux has become a major problem for a lot of people. It is the primary reason for heartburn and may develop into a more serious condition of GERD if not properly treated. Although the type of food we eat can contribute to the cause, acid reflux symptoms occur due to the weakening of our lower esophageal sphincter, allowing the acids from the stomach to flow back into the esophagus.

what foods help reduce acid refluxThe good news is that there are certain foods which can help reduce and totally prevent reflux from recurring. You can take this list and make it your own, to keep yourself in good shape and free from the symptoms.


Bananas help shield the linings of the stomach, creating a natural barrier that protects it from excessive gastric acids. However, you should make sure that you choose ripe bananas, as unripe ones can worsen the symptoms because of its unconverted starch and high ph value.


Not only is this meal full of fiber, it also helps reduce acid reflux while keeping your stomach filled. It is a good choice for breakfast and as a snack. It can also be recommended as diet for people who are trying to lose their weight.


The white meat of chicken and turkey can be a very good diet for people who suffer from acid reflux. However, it is not advisable to fry, and the skin should be removed. Frying will only add more oils to the food and chicken skin contains high amounts of cholesterol, which actually encourages the disease.

Wheat and Rice

These foods are rich in carbohydrates and are good for reflux. It will keep your stomach filled and help balance gastric juices. However, people with high sugar levels should avoid eating too many carbohydrates. It is much better to switch your food choices and opt for the greens.


Chopped fruited and vegetables is a healthy diet which reduces the risk of experiencing this condition. Tomatoes and onions should be avoided as these are high in acids. Too much fat can also cause acid reflux, which is why being careful in the choice of salad dressing is important. Avoid cheese and opt for those less in fat.

Aloe Vera

You can get these at health-food stores if you can’t find a living plant. Aloe Vera is famous for its natural healing abilities. You can also add this to your recipe as thickeners. A lot of people claimed that this plant can help treat acid reflux.


This root seems to be the best in acid reflux treatment. It is famous for treating gastro-intestinal problems and even cures sore throat. You can add this to your soup and smoothies or have it as a tea. It will certainly give you a warm and soothing feeling and it is good for the health.

Relief from acid reflux can be achieved by maintaining a healthy and balanced meal. Avoid foods that can trigger the condition and choose a natural way for an effective and safe treatment.