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  Hernia Risk Factors

A hiatal hernia is the movement of the part of the stomach into the chest area which can cause acid reflux, gerd as well as heartburn symptoms. There are different types and levels of the condition as in some the entire stomach moves up and these require a surgery. Although it is not the only cause of reflux, many consider it to be a very prominent factor. Eating large meals, bending over quickly after eating and other factors can also contribute to the painfulness and severity of the symptoms.

hernia risk factorsThe umbilical hernias are mostly found in newborns, especially the ones with a low weight or that arrived prematurely. It is also known that black children have a higher risk of suffering from this condition as opposed to white, asian and hispanic babies. Adults mostly afflicted are either overweight or have had multiple pregnancies.

Risk Factors:

Males are more likely to develop a case of inguinal hernia. Most of the cases that can be found in children and newborns also show this same trend. This does not mean that girls are not susceptible to the disease, rather, less likely to get it.

Your family history plays a large part in the likelihood of developing the disorder. Ask around the family whether anyone within it has or has known someone with a hiatal hernia.  

Possessing a chronic cough is one of the causes as well. Much of those are due to bad habits such as smoking and can be prevented with a proper lifestyle, others can derive from allergies or asthma and should be taken care of as well.

Long-term constipation problems which can cause constant straining while in the bathroom. That strain is a common cause of hernias. This is another reason why sitting in the bathroom for a long time is actually not the best way of spending your time even though many individuals see it as a time to catch up on all of their magazines. Haven't you noticed the stacks of them that are in some people's bathrooms.

Being overweight is one of the easiest ways to get a hernia because of the additional pressure that is inflicted onto the abdomen.

Women that have multiple kids are at a greater risk as each pregnancy weakens the abdominal muscles as well as causes additional pressure within the abdominal section.

Numerous jobs in which the person has to stand for a long time or perform heavy physical labor can also cause a development of an inguinal hernia. This does not mean that if you have one of these jobs, you are doomed, but it is a wake up call that you should be more careful as it comes to your body or think of switching careers. The risk increases with age so it will definitely not get any better.

Those that have been a victim of premature birth, they are under an increased risk level of developing an inguinal hernia. If it does happen, most times the symptoms will be apparent at an early age already.

People who have a history of hernias are very likely to develop another case of one, usually this time it will be on the opposite side of the stomach.