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  Can Drinking Water Cause Heartburn?

Even though water is necessary for our survival, based on the many accounts I have heard of from my readers, I wanted to address the question "Does drinking too much water cause heartburn?" I have had this happen to me a few times and decided that I needed to get to the bottom of this as it is seriously a very dangerous symptom. After all, if you cannot drink water peacefully, it will be very hard to maintain a healthy, balanced and stress-free life.

The main problem seems to come from the fact that when the water goes into your stomach and mixes with the acid, numerous triggers make it come back up and if you have a weak LES it will cause havoc upon your chest area, throat, vocal chords etc. This is a very major concern for those that have a hiatal hernia, probably even more than they or their doctor realizes. A hiatal hernia is simply a large bulge within the stomach that forces its contents into the upper regions of the stomach and beyond. Multiple surgeries tend to make this worst but may often be necessary for the worst cases of reflux.

So What Can Be Done?

heartburnThere are a few suggestions that I have but these will work on a case by case basis so do try them out and maybe even go over them with your doctor as I am not a medical practitioner and do not know you exact situation.

For some people, adding lemon or a bit of natural apple cider to the water helps. Although these are acidic by nature, in many cases they actually help by preventing acid production within the stomach by lowering its PH levels. Stay away from any other citrus fruits, tomatoes and such as they do not work in the same way.

Lose some weight, we can all probably heed that advice even though most of us do not want to hear it. Eat smaller portions, and do not drink when you eat... nor drink large amounts after you eat. Intake water in smaller amounts throughout the day between meals and this should help as well.

Wear loose clothing and sit upright after in taking water. I have a bad habit of keeping my feet on the chair and this pushes the stomach inwards allowing for the contents to travel up. Imagine a plastic water bottle filled with water and what happens to it when you squeeze the bottom of it... get the picture?

Avoid sugar, starchy and carbonated foods and drinks. These will do you no good and might only add to your misery.

Drink water or your post-workout drink after exercising. Many people will recommend it before, or during.. but believe me when I say it, those people do not have a problem with reflux. Also do not strain yourself too much or do routines which place your LES below your stomach. This might limit some of the workouts but I think you will notice the improvement. Keep you stomach water free when doing any abdominal strengthening.

Take a Rolaid, or other antacid before or right after drinking. I have a hard time recommending this one as that would mean that you have to drug yourself up eight times a day or more as you consumer your required water intake. If it is really this bad than you need to get some tests done, get yourself on some good meds and maybe even consider surgery.

Instead of tap or bottled water go for filtered as it contains zero chlorine or other minerals which might be triggering this condition. The best filter available is the reverse osmosis but I have a regular one that I bought and it works just as well for me for 1/10th of the price. Tap water is simply terrible as it contains chlorine and once it the stomach chlorine transforms into chlorine gas and invokes acid production as well as being unhealthy in itself. Save the tap water for filling up your bathtub... and that is only if you cannot get a filter for that as well