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Don't Worry, You Are Not Dying!

It is quite likely that you have thought that there was a problem. All of those unpleasant symptoms and never-ending colds might have made you think that it is cancer or something worst. If that was in fact the case then hearing that you have gastro esophageal reflux disease(GERD) must come as a bit of relief. On the other hand if you just thought that you had a slight case of indigestion this news will not be so welcoming.

The reality is that you are joining a huge population of individuals that have been diagnosed with the same illness. Judging things form a simple statistical perspective, my friend, the odds were against you. It is more likely to develop acid reflux than any other stomach condition that you will find in the medical books. I am not counting common ailments such as the common flu with vomiting or diarrhea. Even though you probably never wanted to be a part of it, there are much worst things out there. I recommend to take the old Bruce Lee saying and “be like water” as you can either flow or crash but resistance will not get either of us anywhere.

Since you are already reading up on GERD it means that you have taken the first step and are taking action in order to control the condition. From my personal experience I will cheer you up with the fact that it can be controlled. I was continuously sick in my late twenties and the acid burned my throat to a point where I completely lost the ability to speak for months. After trying many different treatments and product I have finally figured it out to a degree where the illness barely leaven any footprint on my life. No worries, I will share it all with you so just continue to read and learn.

What you are doing now is equipping yourself with the knowledge to make you a better and healthier individual. This will help you lead a healthier and more importantly normal life without hopefully taking too many chemicals. Good luck on your journey and don’t ever give up!