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 Understanding Heartburn


Heartburn is the sensation felt by a person who is suffering from acid reflux. This is the sensation when acid from the stomach flows back into the esophagus which is very painful as if something is burning within your chest cavity. Although it is called heartburn, it has nothing to do with the heart. To know more about this symptom, watch this short video.

Dr. Mark Haltrecht is back with more additional information about acid reflux and heartburn. This video shows a simple diagram on how stomach acids results to a heartburn. This presentation will give you the idea as to how acid travel back to the esophagus every time it flows back up. By learning what happens in the stomach during digestion, you will be able to understand where stomach acids go when pressure is given to the stomach.

Keep in mind that there are several factors that can contribute to acid reflux. Our lifestyle today is on a busy phase and it has affected our health in many ways. This video will also give you a better understanding on what food you should reduce in your diet to eliminate the occurrences of heartburn. This way you can lessen your consumption of these foods and live a healthier life. Just keep in mind that there are different food combinations that can trigger this symptom, so best to be aware of these factors.

Besides the food intake, physical conditions such as being overweight or pregnancy can also contribute to acid reflux or gerd. In this video, Dr. Haltrecht will explain to you how these factors affect your body especially to the muscles surrounding your stomach. There are also medications and other health conditions which can contribute to heartburn and in this video, you will learn about all of them.

While it is important to know what causes gerd and how they affect your body, if the symptom persists and simple remedies cannot resolve your condition, it is best that you consult your doctor. This way you can be correctly diagnosed and you can treat these symptoms as soon as possible. GERD is not just a simple health issue, if this isn’t given the right intervention, it can also lead to a serious condition. So be sure to have this checked.