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Pepto Bismol

Pepto-Bismol is a popular over-the-counter antacid which is used to treat several discomforts of the stomach such as diarrhea, indigestion as well as heartburn and nausea. Its generic name is bismuth subsalicylate and it is sometimes referred to as “the pink stuff” which was used in several advertising campaigns. Pepto-Bismol was first produced at the comforts of doctor’s home at the start of the 20th century as a cure for cholera for infants.

pepto-bismolToday, Proctor and Gamble is in-charge of manufacturing and distributing Pepto-Bismol. It comes in liquid, chewable tablet and caplet forms. It also features a variety like Pepto-Bismol Instacool which is a chewable tablet with peppermint flavor that gives you an instant cool relief, Original, Cherry, Pepto Max which is twice the strength of regular Pepto-Bismol and is taken for more severe stomach pain and the Children’s Pepto with calcium carbonate as its active ingredient. But its original formula is a medium pink color with a strong wintergreen or cherry flavor. 

How to Use Pepto-Bismol 

To ensure effectiveness of your dosage, follow your doctor’s advice if this was prescribed or follow the instructions on the label as directed. You cannot take Pepto-Bismol if you have an ulcer, bleeding problem or bloody stool. If you are taking the liquid form, shake it first before use. You should also use the dosing cup to ensure accuracy. Take a dose every hour as needed but never exceed eight doses per day. You can only take Pepto-Bismol for two days, and if your stomach problems won’t stop, it is highly recommended to simply consult with your doctor. Taking this medication for a longer time can lead to more serious side effects and should be avoided at all costs.

For chewable tablets, you should chew and let these dissolve in your mouth. You can take up to two tablets every hour if needed but you should not exceed sixteen tablets per day. Make sure to drink lots of fluids to help prevent dehydration. As for the caplet, you should swallow it with water without chewing. Take two caplets per hour with maximum of 16 caplets per day. 

All variants of Pepto-Bismol cannot be taken by children 12 years old and below, especially children recovering from influenza or chicken pox. Its active ingredient, bismuth subsalicylate, can lead to Reye’s syndrome which can be fatal. Only Children’s Pepto can be taken as it is primarily made of calcium carbonate. If you are pregnant or nursing, make sure to ask your doctor first before taking Pepto-Bismol. Pepto-Bismol can also be taken with or without food, you can also refrigerate it but this is not necessary. 

Side Effects of Pepto-Bismol 

Pepto-Bismol’s most common side effect is the darkening of the tongue or stool. Bismuth combined with saliva and gastrointestinal tract produces the black-colored substance but this side effect is completely temporary and harmless. Others side effects include rashes, hearing loss, vomiting, diarrhea and constipation. If the side effects get severe, seek medical attention right away.

Pepto-Bismol Coupons 

There are numerous places on the web where you can find coupons for Pepto-Bismol and save yourself a lot of money. If you take this medication every month or so, this is definitely something to look into.