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Regular People Speak About Their Signs and Causes

Suffering from acid reflux symptoms is not one of the best experiences anyone can have. The painful sensation felt behind the chest plus coughing, shortness of breath and other symptoms that come along with it. All of these can be a real pain when acid reflux attacks.


In this video, two acid reflux sufferers gave their testimony on how their condition became unbearable for them. “I would have coughing spasms with constantly acid coming up my throat,” Darlene Van Hoose stated in this interview when asked about her acid reflux. Besides Van Hoose, Dan Lamar is also another acid reflux sufferer, “I couldn’t breathe. I literally was having shortness of breath,” Lamar stated in this interview.

For acid reflux sufferers like Lamar and Van Hoose, their condition is more than just a simple case of heartburn. It has been misdiagnosed over the time. Thanks to a new gadget created for heartburn sufferers, they can now control in case their acid rises. In this video, a new gadget that measures the stomach’s ph is introduced.

Dr. Ronald Simon, M.D. an Allergist from Scripps Clinic in San Diego, California talks about the new device used in measuring the acidity of the stomach called The Probe. This device is used to detect acid much more easily and is more comfortable for the patient. In this video, the gadget is shown and described as to how it works and can be used.

“This plots all the acid data on a graph and we know exactly when they are eating, when they’re upright or when they’re sleeping,” as stated by Dr. Simon when he explained how acid can be monitored by this device. This device must be worn 24 hours in order to monitor the patient’s acid reflux.

Acid reflux can be controlled and patients can be relieved. Thanks to the help of this new invention, patients can now see if they are having an acid reflux or not. With proper exercise and balanced diet, it is possible to be free from this condition. It’s just a matter of determination and discipline on the patient’s part. To know more about this new device, here’s the video.