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 How Heartburn Develops




Millions of people every day are suffering from heartburn. Some of them don’t even know that they are suffering from heartburn already. They tend to ignore the signs and symptoms of GERD and as a result, their complications are more severe than they expected it to be.  

Though there are many people suffering from this condition, only a few people truly understands what heartburn is all about. In this video, Dr. Frank McGeorge M.D. talks about the causes of frequent heartburn and how they can be managed. He will briefly explain what heartburn is all about and where this pain can be felt. Here, he will discuss about how this kind of pain travels and which part of the chest it occurs. By giving you an insight about this condition, you will be able to get a good understanding about what heartburn is all about. 

Keep in mind that heartburn can happen to anyone and it can be felt differently. That is why it is important that you take note of the symptoms in order to identify this kind of sensation. This video will teach you the different causes of heartburn and how to avoid it. Dr. McGeorge will also give you an idea about what kind of food or other health condition that can trigger this condition. So that the next time you eat or do something, you will be able to identify if they can contribute to your heartburn or acid reflux. This video will also educate you on the different types of heartburn frequency. This way you are able to identify which type of heartburn you are experiencing. You will also be taught about the different medications like PPIs, antacids etc that you can use in case of a heartburn attack, their potency period and how they work on every time you experience this type of acid reflux symptoms. However, if these medications do not work, it is best that you seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Our health is very important. This is something that no one can take away from us. If you want to live a longer life then take care of your health. Even if it’s as small as a simple heartburn, be sure that you correct it as early as possible. Avoiding further complications is the best way to go.