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Acid Reflux in Babies?

These days more and more people are suffering from acid reflux. Acid reflux does not only occur to people in the US but to millions of people all over the world. It could be because of the lifestyle we have as well as the stress that comes along with our daily activities. Little did we know that infants experience acid reflux too and if it’s not detected early, it could become a serious problem.

Is your child difficult to feed? Do they experience spitting up during feeding or perhaps they are suffering from nasal congestion most of the time? If they are then he/she might be suffering from acid reflux. If you are suspecting your baby to have acid refluxes then watch this video for your information.

Acid reflux in infants can be a threat to your baby’s health if you are not able to identify the signs and symptoms of this condition. It could be because these signs are commonly mistaken to be simple colds or cough. In this video, Dr. Mark Hill, MD and a pediatrician from Cape Fear Pediatrics talks about acid reflux in infants. He will teach you what are the differences between acid reflux and acid reflux disease, how they occur and the symptoms you should watch out for in case this happens to your own infant. He will also teach you the different techniques you can use to ease acid reflux in your infant like feeding or the type of food you can feed your child. He will also give you tips on how you can keep your baby acid reflux free after feeding. This way your infant can avoid having these attacks. If in case these tips do not work, then it is best that you consult your pediatrician for medications that you can use for your child’s acid reflux.

Having acid reflux as an adult is painful to experience, think about how it could be for your infant. If you suspect that your baby is experiencing this condition, make sure that you follow these simple steps. In case it cannot be resolved, consult your doctor. This way you can detect acid reflux in your infant and give the proper interventions as early as possible.