Information on Heartburn, Gerd and Acid Reflux


GERD & Reflux Symptoms

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Heartburn makes its appearance in distinctive ways. For some it starts with a simple case of a husky voice, persistent coughing or a sore throat. I was one of those people and it can take a while to develop strongly enough in order to diagnose it correctly. The thing I have found by speaking to others is that this is not unusual. Some people have been waking up during the night with tremendous chest pain resembling a heart attack; others dizzy or lightheaded or feel a burning sharp pain in their chest. There are also the asthma like symptoms with shortness of breath, constant clearing of the throat, and for some a horrible acrid taste of the acid. This sections should make everything much clearer for you, but if it does not please e-mail me and tell me what I should explain better.

Most Common Symptoms of Acid Reflux

Brief Explanation of GERD

Don’t worry, you are not dying








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